Engineering Support

Computer Aided Design & Support

In today’s world of computer-aided design, most current programs involve CAD files describing the core components. For those legacy programs utilizing two-dimensional drawings (paper or pdf drawings), this format can be used for quoting and even part fabrication, though CAD files will normally be created from these drawings to support CNC fabrication.

MachineTek accepts various file formats from our clients for use in quoting and production. STEP and IGES formats are routinely utilized. CATIA files can be accepted, as can those from many popular computer design applications.

Single-component CAD files are preferred, with flattening (if necessary) accomplished by the customer or MachineTek. If necessary, MachineTek can extract CAD details from assembly CAD. Customer models can be modified by MachineTek to accommodate customer requirements for oversize parts or as may be needed to support production. Templates and inspection mylars may be produced from component CAD files. Tool paths (CAM) will be created from CAD files where CNC fabrication methods are utilized. The resulting CAD models and derived files can be provided to clients for verification or other uses.

MachineTek primarily uses MasterCAM for CAD modeling, CAM tool paths, mylar creation, and coordinate measurement machine data capture and report generation.